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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Books to Read 2012

I know I haven't blogged in a million years.  Shame on me.

However, what with my head spinning in a million directions - many of them wedding-related - I needed someplace to bookmark this list for future reference.
So here is my list of books to read before the world ends  in 2012  in the relative immediate future.

0.  The Hunger Games
I'm actually about 50 pages shy of finishing this re-read (and not a moment too soon as the movie comes out in THREE DAYS(!!) which is why I made it #0.  Totally doesn't count, but lest I forget what I'm in the middle of... here it is.

1.  A Clash of Kings
The second book in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, coming of course after A Game of Thrones.  The first book was AMAZING, and left me with several cliffhangers I've been dying to know the outcomes of.  Not to mention that the show Game of Thrones follows the books to a tee - which is exceedingly rare these days and also exceedingly awesome.  The show was marvelously cast, the production value is out of this world, and the second season starts SO SOON.  Which means I need to knock this sucker out pronto.

2.  A Storm of Swords
The third book in the aforementioned Ice/Fire series.  I'd like to get on a roll with these, plus I already have this one on my bookshelf just begging me to read it already!

3.  One Day
After several books of hardcore sci-fi and action, I'm thinking this one will be a welcome change in my lineup.  Plus, I will be in the hardcore middle of wedding planning most likely - and a tragic love story that I can quite literally sob while reading ought to be the perfect emotional outlet I just know I'm going to need!

4.  From Dead to Worse
I've taken a lengthy break from Sookie Stackhouse and her crazy adventures, but as I delve back into TrueBlood (which strays HORRIBLY from the books - both in plot and in chronology, making it hard to not spoil future unread books!) I would like to get back in the swing of things.  The last book I read was # 7 - and some of the plot twists revealed in that book were unveiled in Season 3 of TrueBlood.  Say whaaaaat?!  Plus sexy vampire/werewolf time is always fun to read about!

5.  Dead And Gone
Book # 9 of Sookie Stackhouse.  Meh, we'll see how Book # 8 (above) goes.

6. & 7.  Dead In the Family, Dead Reckoning
See above.

8.  Cat's Cradle
I've heard just so much about Kurt Vonnegut that it's about time I strayed out of mainstream pop-literature and got into the good stuff.  And by good stuff I mean a nice short starter story about somewhat post-apocalyptic world (no zombies, just machines that freeze all the Earth's water, NBD).  I have high hopes!

9.  Dune
I know, I know, should I REALLY be getting involved in another Epic series of insanely long and involved books without having finished A Song of Ice and Fire?  Maybe not.  But I probably will. Hooray!!!

10.  Snow Crash
This was just on a list of recommended sci-fi books I recently read, but the list-compiler spoke so highly of how fun the narrative was (plus he mentioned a cyborg dog in the story) that I thought I'd throw it in there for funsies.  I think 10 books is a pretty lofty goal anyway at this point, so we'll see when/if this happens.


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