I'm only here tonight because of you. You are the only reason I am. You are all my reasons.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm Baaaaack...

Hi there.

Long time no see.

No, no, I don't have any good excuses for my time away from blogging.  Just laziness, procrastination, a little bit of work and of course the holiday season... but mostly Pinterest.

       Yep, I said it - I blame Pinterest.

It is simultaneously the most useful/practical and yet most wasteful time-suck of a website I've ever come across.  It revolutionized internet bookmarking by mating it with the same egocentrism found in Twitter/tumblr/blogs like this one!
And I am OBSESSED with it.  Every recipe I've made for the past 2 months have come exclusively from Pinterest.  The notebook full of wedding inspiration photos I abandoned when I moved to Florida (partly from having lack of time to devote to printing and/or cutting out the photos, but mostly due to the embarrassment I'd feel if my boyfriend ever walked in on me adding to it) - totally revived in digital form!

But sometimes you need a break - even from the most magical of websites (no, I don't mean you facebook... Never you).

And today being only a few days away from the beginning of 2012, what better idea than to lay out some hopes and dreams for the upcoming calendar year?  These are by no means resolutions - I feel like those only serve to make us feel guilty and worthless when LIFE happens and you inevitably cannot keep them.  But setting out a few hopes and goals never hurt!

1.  Healthy eating
    This one may be slightly difficult what with all the amazing Pinterest recipes I have accumulated recently - but I feel like if I save those gems for holidays and special occasions, I can easily keep healthy options on the table for Patrick and I for breakfast, dinner, and most lunches (when we pack them).

2.  Disney's Tower of Terror 10-Mile Villain race!
    Taking place at the end of September, registration begins Valentines Day 2012!  I think this will be the perfect race to train for... it's significantly further than a 10K, but not the torturous (albeit rewarding) experience I had with 2011's half marathon.  10 miles was about when I was wishing for death during the Half, so I think that seems like a nice challenging race length.  Sans death wishes.  And as if fitness weren't motivation enough - we get to ride the rides after the race!  Lovely news for Disneyphiles such as me.

3.  Keeping up with this ol' blog thing more regularly.
    I don't want to specify an amount or anything... but let's just say three months between posts is not ideal.  I like it, it's a fun creative outlet, it builds character, etc.

4.  Painting
    I found out this past weekend that one of my old best friend's mothers (OK, she is a great friend of mine too) teaches regular painting classes starting around February.  If painting weren't enough of a draw, knowing (and loving) the teacher ought to motivate me to make it out to classes!

5.  Stop coveting!
    It sounds like a horrible super-sinner kinda word - but really I just mean that I need to stop letting the green-eyed monster dictate my outlook on life.  For every friend that gets something I want/think I deserve - I have at least TWO friends who are far more deserving and/or less fortunate than me.  Instead of comparing my life with everyone around me, I'd like to focus more on how happy I am with the blessings I already have in my life.  I know I'm a lucky gal - and I could stand to recognize that more often.

6.  Trip to Europe
    Did I mention my parents are very likely moving to Paris in the next couple months for my dad's job?  And that they'll probably be there on an 18-month assignment?  No?  Guess news like that can happen when you don't blog for a quarter of a year!  In any case, a visit seems logical.

7. Trips to Georgia
   Can you believe that I have only made the trip back to Georgia/Atlanta only ONCE since I moved down last May?  And that was for about a total of 36 hours - including attending a wedding??  Me neither.  I'm already working on a list of things to do when I get there.  I'm thinking I'd like to bring up my wee little baby Kaitlin to show her all the places she hears countless stories about at work.  And Patrick and I have committed to coming up for ONE of the UGA games.  And lest we neglect to mention my FIRST niece or nephew scheduled to be born this next summer!  Naturally there are many many of my favorite people I'd like to see there too.  Lots of reasons for trips, no reasons to stay away as long as I have.

8.  Saving money
   "Money belongs in my savings account, not in the form of new apparel in my closet."
    Recite this phrase, rinse and repeat.

9.  Long hair
   As much as I LOVE trying new cuts/styles and such with my hair on a regular basis... I have my entire adult life to have short hair.  Right now I am young and have time to play with and try new updos and braids and styles... and these things are all so much easier with long hair.  So suck it up Sally, and if you're feeling real stir-crazy with your hair - play with the color!

I sat for a moment and tried to come up with a 10th goal just for the sake of having a nice round number... but no.  Nine is fine.

Be on the lookout for more entertaining posts like those prior to this one!  With photos and funny stories and loooooads of opinions (mostly mine).