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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I swear I'm not a Robot

Have you ever tried to comment on  a blog post in blogger??

Whenever I post a comment on one of my two favorite blogs (Worthy of Being Storied or Chick Flick Chic) I am always prompted to "prove I am not a robot".  Regardless of the fact that I am already logged into my actual google account, and the page suggests that I post as my google-self "CJ" - I am still forced to type in two magic swirly words to prove I am not a robot.

Excuse me, but in what world are "meedsco", "iressa", "ckaec", or "gerilesi" PEOPLE words?

(Admittedly, "heiine" pictured above could be a foreign spelling of a derriere euphemism in a language I am unfamiliar with.)
To me, it feels like a trick.  I believe that only a robot would actually blindly type out these letters presuming them to be words - when I as a human know they are not.  Sometimes I just want to type "These are not words" into the box, as that would more legitimately prove my humanity.  But I never do because I'm lazy and don't want to have to reconstruct my comment should my insolence force a page refresh, thus losing my witty/clever/heartfelt words forever.

I suppose a robot would never be so lazy, nor so sentimental about its initial reactions to a blog post being forever captured in the first draft comment.

In any case, I am still suspect.  The logic of proving myself a person and not a robot seems quite flawed.
Which I suppose just proves that the whole concept must have been created by people, and not robots.  Touche, Google.

I see your meedsco, and I raise you an ildthigh.


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